I am on a lonely road and I am traveling

Traveling, traveling, traveling

Looking for something, what can it be…

Joni Mitchell, All I Want


My journey started roughly 30 years ago in Holland. It took me to many places in Europe, China, North-America, and currently landed me in Germany. It thought me how to speak Dutch, English, Chinese, and German; it thought me how to be alone (a highly under-valued skill) and how to create & maintain meaningful relationships; it thought me that I’m a nice, considerate, funny, little-different-than-usual, average-in-a-good-way person, but also that I’m a raging perfectionist (and nothing I do will ever be good enough), at times socially awkward (I do not do well at big parties and I am terrible at small talk), always afraid I’m missing out on something great (and in the process of doing so, missing out on the great things that are happening right here and right now), and that I’ll probably never stop looking for that something, “looking for the key to set me free.”

Like many of us, I believe my biggest strength is also my biggest weakness: I have too many (way too many) things that interest me. I like writing, cooking, baking, music, watching movies, Chinese language, food in general, playing guitar, Asian cinema, reading, hiking, traveling, (learning) languages, photography, making jewelry, anything that has to do with chocolate, train travel, world literature, flee markets, supermarkets, Friends, dancing, philosophy, mindfulness, self-awareness, and probably much more. Combine that with the inability to choose, and you end up with a blog suffers from severe multiple-personality syndrome. Welcome.

As I wasn’t able (or willing) to pick a single topic to focus my writing, doodling, whining, picturing, journaling, or reporting on, all I can hope for is that anybody who ends up here finds something to their liking, finds something they can take away on their on journey; be it in pictures (from some of my travels, but also from random things that fascinate me, like doors), travel stories, recipes, lists (oh, add that to the things i like, lists) of things i like/recommend, or little musing about life. Enjoy and save travels.


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