Lazy Sunday Feta Packages

One thing I still have to get used to about living in Germany, is the fact that on Sunday, everything is closed. Well, not churches and bars, but in terms of stores, the best you can hope for is the local gas station, where, besides the general car supplies, beer, and cigarettes, you can buy … Continue reading

And Then There Was Granola…

I have a love-hate relationship with granola, although it’s mainly love. It is delicious, crunchy, sweet, so much better than flat & soft muesli (I won’t even get started on oatmeal, I just can’t do it…), and more interesting than cornflakes. And the hate part? Well, I want it to be healthy so badly, that … Continue reading

Strawberries 2.0

Strawberries are delicious, and if you have a good batch, you really shouldn’t be doing too much to them, just enjoy them as they are. But sometimes it’s fun to make things a little more fancy, a little special–to make a regular wednesday evening meal into a tiny festive dinner. I love the combination of … Continue reading

Dinner from the Windowsill

The same thing happens every year: fresh and healthy, “how-convenient-to-have-me-ready-t0-use-right-in-your-kitchen” herb plants appear in the supermarket. And every year, failing to remember last year’s disaster, I buy another basil, thyme, or chives plant. I bring it home, all exited that I’ll never have to use dried herbs again, or buy over-priced, tiny amounts of pre-packaged … Continue reading

Good Morning: Easy Egg

Egg, Milk, Salt, Pepper

Writing down this recipe (well, actually getting the pictures to align properly…) has already taken me a lot longer than it took me to make these incredibly easy eggs. A colleague of mine who worked in several restaurants told me this trick, and i’ve been hooked on it ever since. It is very simple, although … Continue reading