Goodbye, Blue Sky

When night falls, or when clouds roll in; that’s when blue skies get really interesting.     Advertisements

Reflections [Part 2]

Not only shiny things reflect, and not only physical objects can be reflected. The way we dress and how we decorate our houses can be a reflection of our personalities, of the places we’ve been and the experiences we have shared. We can see ourselves reflected in the faces of our loved ones, when we … Continue reading

Reflections [Part 1]

What, if anything, does a reflection say about the object reflected? What is the relationship between the “original” and its “copy”? Often, we perceive of the reflection as an imperfect representation of the real thing: distorted by ripples on the water or disrupted by structural elements. But what if a reflection is not simply an … Continue reading

Doors: China [Part 1]

There’s something fascinating about doors. In our daily lives, we hardly think about them. We pass through them, we open and close¬†them, we knock on them, and we lock them. We (mis)use doors to express our emotions as we slam them shut.¬†But all these actions can also be used figuratively, describing a situation, somebodies behavior, … Continue reading


Images from my trip to Seville, Spain, in September 2012. For more photos of this, and other trips, please go here.

Coast to Coast: Look at [Me], I’m a Train

Billboard Silhouette

I love being on trains. Especially if the trip takes a day, two days, or longer. It is the only time when I am fully at ease. The only place where I am not haunted by all the things I could, should, want, or have to do. Because , with the exception of the dinning- … Continue reading

China Round Earth Houses

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