• This Month: [Be]

    In the most fundamental way, we all are, but what does it mean, on a day-to-day basis, to be? To be you, to be the best you can be, to be present, to be doing something, or simply to be.

    Like the world around us, we are constantly in motion: we are moving, changing, evolving, and creating. How do we maintain a sense of being, even while we are doing all these things? And is this necessary at all?

    Leaving aside the big question of why we are, I am interested in exploring how we are, or can be: sitting still in meditation, going through the motions of everyday life, actually pursuing something, or consciously making decisions. And although this is a highly personal issue, perhaps my musings and realizations will echo with those of others.

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Goodbye, Blue Sky

When night falls, or when clouds roll in; that’s when blue skies get really interesting.     Advertisements

Lazy Sunday Feta Packages

One thing I still have to get used to about living in Germany, is the fact that on Sunday, everything is closed. Well, not churches and bars, but in terms of stores, the best you can hope for is the local gas station, where, besides the general car supplies, beer, and cigarettes, you can buy … Continue reading

Reflections [Part 2]

Not only shiny things reflect, and not only physical objects can be reflected. The way we dress and how we decorate our houses can be a reflection of our personalities, of the places we’ve been and the experiences we have shared. We can see ourselves reflected in the faces of our loved ones, when we … Continue reading

Reflections [Part 1]

What, if anything, does a reflection say about the object reflected? What is the relationship between the “original” and its “copy”? Often, we perceive of the reflection as an imperfect representation of the real thing: distorted by ripples on the water or disrupted by structural elements. But what if a reflection is not simply an … Continue reading

Doors: China [Part 1]

There’s something fascinating about doors. In our daily lives, we hardly think about them. We pass through them, we open and close¬†them, we knock on them, and we lock them. We (mis)use doors to express our emotions as we slam them shut.¬†But all these actions can also be used figuratively, describing a situation, somebodies behavior, … Continue reading

Ear Candy: 5 Podcasts that Entertain and Educate

You know the feeling: You’ve been staring at your computer screen at work all day, all the good TV series are on summer recess and you’ve already watched (and re-watched, and watched again) the reruns of the crappy ones, you definitely don’t have the energy to pick up that 1000-page Russian Masterpiece that’s been staring … Continue reading


Images from my trip to Seville, Spain, in September 2012. For more photos of this, and other trips, please go here.

And Then There Was Granola…

I have a love-hate relationship with granola, although it’s mainly love. It is delicious, crunchy, sweet, so much better than flat & soft muesli (I won’t even get started on oatmeal, I just can’t do it…), and more interesting than cornflakes. And the hate part? Well, I want it to be healthy so badly, that … Continue reading

Strawberries 2.0

Strawberries are delicious, and if you have a good batch, you really shouldn’t be doing too much to them, just enjoy them as they are. But sometimes it’s fun to make things a little more fancy, a little special–to make a regular wednesday evening meal into a tiny festive dinner. I love the combination of … Continue reading

Dinner from the Windowsill

The same thing happens every year: fresh and healthy, “how-convenient-to-have-me-ready-t0-use-right-in-your-kitchen” herb plants appear in the supermarket. And every year, failing to remember last year’s disaster, I buy another basil, thyme, or chives plant. I bring it home, all exited that I’ll never have to use dried herbs again, or buy over-priced, tiny amounts of pre-packaged … Continue reading