[See]. Japan in Two Weeks (or 10 Pictures)

Japan proved to be both the stereotype we have come to know from movies, books, and second-hand experiences, and a hidden treasure of unexpected adventures. Ours may have been a somewhat a-typical journey — including living above a now-closed bike shop in Yokohama China Town rather than downtown Tokyo, not eating sushi once (although lots … Continue reading

[See] Doors in Japan

Ever since watching Kim Ki-duk`s 2003 movie Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring, where doors, gates, and even door-less frames appear frequently, I have been mildly obsessed with doors. There is just something about them that strikes me as important, relevant to who we are as human beings. Both philosophically or metaphorically — a threshold … Continue reading

Tokyo and Yokohama: Musings

The bike shop is closed. It is so closed, that we have to open the shutter half-way in the morning to prevent city workers and visitors from parking their bikes in front of the entry, preventing us from leaving in the morning or getting back in in the evening. It is closed for about a … Continue reading

[Eat]. Summer Food Summary

UPDATE (1/10/2018): So…this was hanging in the drafts folder for 4 years…ouch… talking about the passing of time. But skimming over the pictures made me so hungry, and happy, that i decided to just push publish today, with the promise that the actual recipes will follow soon! I cannot believe it is the 1st of … Continue reading

Goodbye, Blue Sky

When night falls, or when clouds roll in; that’s when blue skies get really interesting.    

Lazy Sunday Feta Packages

One thing I still have to get used to about living in Germany, is the fact that on Sunday, everything is closed. Well, not churches and bars, but in terms of stores, the best you can hope for is the local gas station, where, besides the general car supplies, beer, and cigarettes, you can buy … Continue reading

Reflections [Part 2]

Not only shiny things reflect, and not only physical objects can be reflected. The way we dress and how we decorate our houses can be a reflection of our personalities, of the places we’ve been and the experiences we have shared. We can see ourselves reflected in the faces of our loved ones, when we … Continue reading

Reflections [Part 1]

What, if anything, does a reflection say about the object reflected? What is the relationship between the “original” and its “copy”? Often, we perceive of the reflection as an imperfect representation of the real thing: distorted by ripples on the water or disrupted by structural elements. But what if a reflection is not simply an … Continue reading

Doors: China [Part 1]

There’s something fascinating about doors. In our daily lives, we hardly think about them. We pass through them, we open and close them, we knock on them, and we lock them. We (mis)use doors to express our emotions as we slam them shut. But all these actions can also be used figuratively, describing a situation, somebodies behavior, … Continue reading

Ear Candy: 5 Podcasts that Entertain and Educate

You know the feeling: You’ve been staring at your computer screen at work all day, all the good TV series are on summer recess and you’ve already watched (and re-watched, and watched again) the reruns of the crappy ones, you definitely don’t have the energy to pick up that 1000-page Russian Masterpiece that’s been staring … Continue reading